Angel Cartel

Vorkommen: NullSec, Wurmlöcher Klassen 1-3
Erlaubte Schiffe: alle
Typ: Data Site
Deutscher Titel: Zentraler Funkensender der Angel

Popup: A myriad of technological marvels inhabit this area of space, the physical guts of a powerful and well protected computerized network. A Data Analyzer module will be invaluable in uncovering the secrets that are likely hidden here, locked away inside data vaults and heavily encrypted digital networks.


Central Angel Sparking Transmitter

Der Platz hat 5 Container.
  • 1 Angel Com Tower
  • 1 Angel Databank
  • 3 Angel Mainframe

Mögliche Beute

  • BPC Large Ancillary Shield Booster
  • Decryptoren
  • Datacores
  • Skillbuch Minmatar Starship Engineering
  • Skillbuch Minmatar Encryption Methods
  • Carbon
  • High-Tech Data Chips
  • High-Tech Manufacturing Tools
  • High-Tech Scanner
  • High-Tech Small Arms
  • Metal Scraps